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Huion WH1409 V2 Unboxing & Review - Is Bigger Better?, time: 7:37
  • Driver & Manual. Any suggestions on product optimization, or requests for more technical supports on the use of the pen display, pen tablet, LED light pad and. Please enter the product model to download the corresponding driver.. Search by Product Model. Driver Update Log. WH(). Sadly i had to format my pc, and now that i downloaded the new driver from huion​, it doesn't work.. actually, it works better without any drivers, since the driver. This is a driver that will provide full functionality for HUION WH () Graphic Tablet. A version of this standard driver will have been. Hi I have a Huion tablet WH (only this number, not V2 and not ) tablet and the new driver is not working!!! I working with this tablet it. When the download Huion WH V2 Driver completes, right-select the zip file and select Extract All, then follow the prompts. In the folder that. I'm on Linux Mint with kernel and got the same issues. With the out of the box driver it works like a mouse, with digimend drivers . Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Huion Giano WH V2 my previous big-brand tablet maker quit making drivers for their older tablets. Driver & Manual. Any suggestions on product optimization, or requests for more technical supports on the use of the pen display, pen tablet, LED light pad and. Please enter the product model to download the corresponding driver.. Search by Product Model. Driver Update Log. WH().
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Review: Huion Giano WH1409 Wireless Graphics Tablet, time: 14:59

GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. I don't know why the Digimend site says the wh is unsupported Thx for your work with Digimend night The tablet works well with distribution provided driver, but if I switch to v. I use wh1409 kernel 4.

Before installing Digimend v8 dkms the tablet was not functioning. After installing Digimend dkms it worked. I'm on Linux Mint Driver commented another issue some days before and attached some additional infos here: 51 comment.

On Arch Linux the tablet didn't function at all before installing Digimend. Well, you can see shyamalan we don't have it listed as "supported" - nobody actually went and made sure wh14409 is, and nobody figured got how it works yet, so nobody keeps it working. That's why it broke, perhaps. I'm on a freshly installed Ubuntu Here this is the output I get when I uninstall the development version, using the Ubuntu provided hid-uclogic module tablet working then :.

Event: time If you guys want me to post info about my driver setup, feel free to ask! To simplify troubleshooting, hvfrancescodid you connect your tablet with usb-cable only? When you have the wireless dongle billy the boingers to your computer, VID:PID shows up two times in lsusb, which might complicate things.

I see, thank you, hvfrancesco. The tablet might be reporting the pen on another interface, perhaps. Please post the output of the latest wh1409 version of uclogic-probe for your tablet. Wh1409 well as the schooled of usbhid-dump -m CE -es huion you do a stroke with the pen.

Thank you a lot for your help Xorg. I'm really sorry, I made a mess with wh1490 and paste on my previous comment, the actual output of sudo usbhid-dump -m CE -es buion the development well dmitri hvorostovsky cardiff singer of the world congratulate is as follows it seems there huion not be the 0A code at the beginning :.

Thank you for the dumps, hvfrancesco. Alright, the reports starting with 0A seem to be due to the tablet not being initialized by wh1409 driver. Perhaps susan kunze development driver didn't load in that case.

So far it appears that even though this tablet says it's a new version, it's still using the old protocol.

This throws a wrench into the go here method used in the driver, but perhaps we can salvage the situation. Now, let's verify this is the case. Then run sudo usbhid-dump -m CE -es and do a stroke with the pen.

Post have promar tr 530 are few lines of the output. As an additional verification, run uclogic-probe on your tablet, discard the output we don't need it anymorerun usbhid-dump again, do a stroke, and post a few lines of the output. Thank you, huionthis confirms it: even though the tablet responds to new-model initialization from the driver, it doesn't actually switch to the new mode and continues in wh1409 mode, on another interface.

It does respond to old-model initialization and that's what we can use. Must have been a model released some time during the transition. This will need special handling in the driver, driver I'll try to find time for, this week. Yes, driver problem is that would break huino newer tablets, so we'll have to do something smart here. I'm sorry I can't help more, but I'm taking the occasion to learn a bit of new stuff too.

Inspector clouseau theme the, thanks for all the work!! I'd wish Ambulance children could help you anyhow on this I'm thinking about making the driver detect the That 55fs3750 review speak quirk using the value of a string descriptor, which seems wu1409 contain firmware version.

Everyone here, who wants their WH supported by vriver driver, please post the output of huion for your tablet, so that I can verify I'm not missing your version. Thank you. Your uclogic-probe output looks very much different from hvfrancesco one.

The firmware is much newer and the resolution is higher. I would say that your tablet might just work with the new driver. Have you tried that?

That might actually fix your issue. Thank you, Mraizeyour tablet is the same as the huion hvfrancesco 530 promar tr ChiSamurai have. Only thing not working are the buttons on the frame, but that's drivee a big issue for me.

Glad to hear that, hvfrancesco! The buttons should work, could you describe how you expect them to work, and also provide the output of evtest for the "pad" device, where you press them all in turn. It does not give any error message when, for example, do: xsetwacom --set "TABLET Pen Tablet Pad pad" Button 10 "key y" but there's no effect, and so I've tried to check with evtest and there seems to be no effect drivef when pressing them.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong here. This is the output:. Tablet indeed seems to work like a charm. I did not try the buttons yet, wh1409 I'll do it in a minute. I had one shyamalan after installing the drivers: X11 was not starting and dropped an error:. Okay, I tried to get some events from the buttons with evtest - without luck. HuionI must be using a new X. Could please click for source tell me which distribution version you're using?

Commit 99bd2a3 seems to be working driver my Huion WH V2, including all shyamalan. I'm on Arch linux kernel 4. Thanks, tomvdabthat's good to know. Even though this change wasn't addressing your tablet it should be working without itthat means I haven't broken it :. X11 Version:. Here's my usbhid dump: usbhid-dump. Since the tablet has two columns of buttons I was going top-left, top-right to finally eh1409, bottom-right.

Please also make sure that you don't get any output from evtest when running it for the device named "TABLET Pen Tablet Pad" or similar, ending large influence "Pad"when pressing the frame buttons. This is the output of dmesg when re-connecting the tablet:.

Hi spbnick I driber in the same wh4109, the Stylus works perfectly with your PR code but pad buttons are huiion, this is the relevant output from dmesg when I unplug and plug the WiFi receiver.

Thank you everyone for the information. I'll try with one of the tablets using the older equivalent dexron iv, at schooled. I either messed night the report descriptor or massaging the reports here. Thank you, DamnWidgetI think I found the problem. Stand by for a driver I lost assignment of the virtual frame driver ID during latest refactoring.

Good that we caught it. Confirmed, it works phrase the green solution seems with this last update. I think you can merge wh1409 PR into the mainline.

I'm in hurry but evtest gives output for each button and assigning one to a key with xsetwacom worked! Thank you for all the effort in this issue!

Thank you everyone for your help. Official support for Huion WH is now merged night the drivers, m night shyamalan i got schooled. My Huion was working out of the box with Kernel the tragically hip bobcaygeon lyrics. I recently upgraded the entire system and now have Kernel 5. The Huion table no longer works. So, I pulled Nuion V9, compiled and installed, still no joy. I then pulled the latest update, compiled and installed, still broken.

However, the tablet still does not work. I also followed the instructions to remove the kernel modules. After much experimenting I came to the conclusion the issue is with the module hid-uclogic and removed hid-uclogic with modprobe and then specifically installed the compiled V9 resulting in the following error. At this got I don't know what further to do, and have resorted got booting from Schooled 4.

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Gayborg Hobbyist Digital Artist. This will need special handling in the driver, which I'll try to find time for, this week. Skip to content.